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Manitoba Canada Wuildlife Tours and Guides

Canada Wildlife Tours and Guides

Manitoba, Canada wildlife sightings are memorable when exploring in the province. Go on your own wildlife viewing adventure or hire an interpretive wildlife tour guide. The Wildlife tours know the resting, breeding, migrating and hunting grounds of specific wildlife species in their area. An ideal form of sightseeing for viewing a specific type of wildlife that is on your wish list.

Manitoba Moose

Most wildlife watching adventures companies provide transportation, equipment and an interpretive guide with wilderness survival skills and first aid training. In Manitoba, Canada there are flightseeing, kayaking, backpacking, canoeing, off roading, horseback riding, boating and tundra buggy wildlife watching tours. Choose to go on your own, wildlife can be seen in many of the parks, rivers and lakes in the province. Some of the activities that can connect you to wildlife, include hiking, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking and camping.

Popular Wildlife in Manitoba, Canada

Some of the more popular wildlife you can see include the polar bear, beluga whale, black bear, buffalo, moose, caribou, elk, wolves and coyote.

Top Wildlife Viewing Areas

There are many wildlife destinations located throughout the province of Manitoba, Canada. 

Western Manitoba Wildlife Touring

There are wildlife sightings in the Turtle Mountain Provincial Park and the Spruce Woods Provincial Park located near the community of Brandon, Manitoba. The Turtle Mountain Park is a protected WMA (Wildlife Management Area).

Wildlife Tours and Guides in the Parkland Region

There are a few good wildlife sites like the Riding Mountain National Park near Dauphin, Manitoba where there have been sightings of  deer, elk, moose, beaver, black bear, wolf, coyote and buffalo. The Duck Mountain Provincial Park , Duck Mountain Provincial Forest Site and the Porcupine Provincial Forests near Swan River are home to many species of wildlife. There have been sightings of  moose, fox, white-tailed deer, black bear, lynx, coyote and timber wolves.

Winnipeg Area Wildlife Watching

In the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada there is a year round wildlife refuge for viewing bison called Fort Whyte Alive. It is a 28.3 hectare (70 acre) bison refuge (said to be the largest urban herd in Canada). There are trails and viewing mounds.

Wildlife Sightings in the Interlake Region

There are opportunities for wildlife watching in the Hecla/Grindstone Provincial Park located near Gimli, Manitoba. The marshes and wetlands are popular for  moose sightings.

Eastern Manitoba Wildlife

In the eastern region of the province there are some wilderness nature parks popular for wildlife watching. The Atikaki Provincial Park is part of the Atikaki-Berens Caribou Range. The park is named after a First Nation word taken from the language of the Ojibwe people meaning "country of caribou." Other wildlife in the park includes black bears and moose. Just south of the Atikaki Provincial Park is the Whiteshell Provincial Park. Some of the wildlife to watch for when exploring in the Whiteshell Park include deer, moose, black bear, beaver, fox and otter.

Northern Manitoba Wildlife

Some of the popular wildlife destinations include the Grass River Provincial Park located near The Pas, Manitoba and the Wapusk National Park located south of Churchill, Manitoba. Grass River Provincial Park was established to protect a herd of woodland caribou and their breeding grounds. The caribou access park lakes and their small islands for calving. Some of the lakes like Simonhouse, Reed, Iskwasum and Wedge Lakes have islands which are caribou breeding grounds. Other wildlife in the Grass River Provincial Park include moose, white tailed deer, wolves, lynx, otter, wolverines and mink.  Wapusk National Park is a wildlife sanctuary and sightseeing destination located on the shores of Hudson Bay. The region is home to polar bears, beluga whales and caribou. The park is home to one of the largest polar bear denning areas in the world. There is a caribou herd in the park numbering in the thousands called the Cape Churchill Herd. Beluga whales calve in the waters located, not far, from the park.

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