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Canoeing in Manitoba, Canada provides an opportunity to explore the river and lake networks of the province, as well as, connect to communities, wildlife management areas and wetlands. There are canoe paddle routes in all regions of the province of Manitoba.

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Northern Region

Canoe paddle routes in the northern region of Manitoba, Canada explore the Canadian Shield and a boreal forest environment. The landscape is very remote, rugged and challenging with whitewater rapids, waterfalls, portages and wilderness camping. 

Southern Region

In the south of the province are many developed river and lake networks which connect to communities and parks. There are often canoe rentals, guides and lessons available nearby. These canoe destinations are easily accessible and many are well planned out and documented with boat launches, portage routes, put-in and take-out points.

Manitoba Canoe Guides and Tours

In Manitoba, Canada there are self guided canoe adventures for experienced canoeists and there are guided adventures for groups, visitors and beginners. The touring and guiding companies provide the experience and knowledge of the waterways... and more importantly they provide the equipment, lessons, accommodations, meals and guides.

Popular Canoe Paddle Routes

There are many canoe paddle routes located throughout the province of Manitoba, Canada. Here are some of the more popular canoe routes in the province. In the western region of Manitoba, Canada canoeing is enjoyed on the many lakes located in the Turtle Mountain Provincial Park located near the community of Brandon, Manitoba. The Assiniboine River in the park is a popular canoeing river. The Spruce Woods Provincial Heritage Park is situated on the banks of the Assiniboine River as well. The river is part of a larger canoe route which starts in Brandon and ends in Holland, Manitoba.

There are many popular river paddle routes in the western-parkland region of Manitoba including the Valley River, Assiniboine River, Red Deer River, Woody River, Swan River, Whirlpool River and the Turtle River.

Some of the popular lake paddle routes in the parkland region include the Laurie, Beautiful and Shallow Lake route in the Duck Mountain Provincial Park near the community of Dauphin... and the Clear, Katherine, Whirlpool and Bob Hill Lake route located in the Riding Mountain National Park near the community of Swan River. Canoeing is enjoyed in the Duck Mountain Park near Swan River because of the many designated canoe routes. The canoe paddle routes include portages, put in points and wilderness campsites. The Chain Lakes (5.8 km) and Beaver Lake (6.4 km) Canoe Routes are the two most paddled routes. Another canoe destination in the parkland region is the  Lake of the Prairies. It is a large lake with many canoe adventures located in the Asessippi Provincial Park near Inglis Manitoba. There is a boat launch and canoe rentals providing access to the lake, the Assiniboine River and the Shell River.

In the eastern region of Manitoba, Canada canoeing is best in the Atikaki Provincial Wilderness Park, the Nopiming Provincial Park and the Whiteshell Provincial Park. Atikaki Provincial Wilderness Park measures 4,000 square kilometres. There are no roads leading into the park. Best access into the park is by plane or via the 1000+ kilometres of river waterways. Nopiming Provincial Park is a gateway for remote canoe adventures. There are over 700+ lakes popular for exploring by canoe. Some of the paddle routes in the park include the Cole-Bird-Elbow Lakes Paddle Route; Manigotagan Paddle Route; Long Lake to Caribou Landing Paddle Route; Beresford Lake to Garner Lake Paddle Route and the Seagrim-Bird-Rabbit River Paddle Route. Whiteshell Provincial Park provides over 325+ kilometres of waterways for canoe adventures. Caddy Lake Canoe Route is one of the more popular canoe routes in the park. The Whiteshell River and Frances Lake Canoe Routes are two other popular paddle routes. The Whiteshell River route explores over 160+ kilometres of lakes and rivers and the Frances Lake Canoe Route is a 17 kilometre route. Another canoe route which passes through Whiteshell Park is the Winnipeg River route. It explores 12+ lakes and 15 portages... and takes 14-18 days to complete. It is a 410+ kilometre one way paddle route connecting Keewatin, Ontario with Winnipeg Manitoba.

In the northern region of Manitoba, Canada canoeing is popular in the Grass River Provincial Park located near The Pas, Manitoba and the Paint Lake Provincial Park located south of the community of Thompson, Manitoba, Canada. Both parks are part of the historic Grass River Canoe Route. The Grass River route was once a supply and hunting route used by fur traders and the First Nation people. The canoe route is a 570-kilometre long network of lakes and rivers that begins near Cranberry Portage, Manitoba and follows the Grass River to its confluence with the Nelson River.

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