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Come and visit a spa or wellness centre in Manitoba, Canada. Many are located in the larger communities of Manitoba and some are closer to the resort villages located in some of the bigger parks. There are various types of spas including destination spas, health spas, wellness resorts and recreational spa facilities.

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Wellness centres market healthy living as well as the prevention of illness and disease. Prevention and maintaining health can include traditional forms of medicine and healing, as well as, ancient healing practices.

The treatments provided by Manitoba, Canada spas and wellness centres varies greatly. Treatments may include herbal wraps, hot stone massages, body wraps, detox cleanings, manicures, nutrition counseling, aromatherapy, yoga, reflexology, saunas, reiki, anti aging, facials, meditation and much more.

Destination Spas: A destination spa is a resort destination featuring a high scale spa. Such spa experiences provide therapeutic programs such as  physical fitness activities, wellness education, healthy eating, and special interest opportunities.

Health Spas: A spa which is a commercial operation offering health and beauty treatments such as mineral baths, exercise programs, and massage therapy.

Wellness Resorts: A wellness resort provides holistic treatments to assist guests achieve both physical well-being and spiritual balance. Treatment includes yoga, wellness consultations, and outdoor adventures.

Recreational Spa Facilities: A recreation spa destination tend to be part of community centres and focus on activity and adventures treatment including gym consultations.

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