Holiday Magic at Bingemans Gift of Lights

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Holiday Magic at Bingemans Gift of Lights

As kids we looked forward to and waited for Christmas because it meant receiving gifts, not going to school and playing outside in the snow.  As adults we sometimes forget those childhood memories because we get so busy during the Christmas season at the expense of what is most important…spending time with loved ones.  There’s an awesome way to enjoy time with loved ones, especially in the warmth of a heated car, at Bingemans Gift of Lights in Kitchener.

Our night began with our most favourite food in the world….PIZZA, from the on-site Boston Pizza.   We got the ‘$40 Boston Pizza Package’, that included $25 Gift Card for the restaurant and entry of 1 car into the Gift of Lights attraction.  We opted for a Greek salad and a thin-crust Tuscan pizza. The restaurant was looking festive for the season, with Christmas trees and oversized sparkly decorations everywhere.  If you have time, you can even throw a couple of frames at Kingpin, the bowling alley that the restaurant shares space with.

We admit that we are not “winter people” however having this blog has allowed us to experience different and unique winter activities.  We’ve tried snow-shoeing, tubing & dog-sledding however all 3 of those activities require a certain level of physical activity as well and take place outdoors.

If you’re experiencing some cabin-fever this winter, driving over to the Gift of Lights is the perfect solution.  You can also stay warm from the comfort of your own car and sing along to Christmas music without anyone hearing you. We can’t think of another winter attraction that offers these feature to guests.


The cost of entry varies if you buy online vs. at the gate. We all love a good deal so visit the Gift of Lights website to buy your tickets.  The last day to use those tickets is January 6, 2018.  We got the $40 Boston Pizza package because that was most convenient for us.

The 2km trail is actually very windy, so pay careful attention as you make your way through.  There’s too many displays for us to list here, there must be hundreds!  We can tell you that you’ll see stationary displays, animated displays, a giant pirate ship (we’re told it’s quite popular this year) and the grand finale is a drive through light tunnel.  It’s pretty wild, it feels like you’re driving through a sci-fi portal.

Facts Worth Noting

  • There is a dedicated lane for Speed Pass ticket holders.
  • Tickets are only valid for a one-time, one-way visit through the marked route.
  • It will take approximately 15-20 minutes to drive through.
  • You can only drive, not walk, through the Gift of Lights and should remain in your vehicle even when taking pictures.
  • The whole route may not be paved, so the ride, even at 5kms/hour, could be a little bumpy.
  • Read the FAQs for all the details on what to expect.

Must Do

  • Tune your radio to 100.1FM to listen to the exclusive Gift of Lights radio station.
  • Share your photos and videos with the Bingemans Team by using #GiftofLightsKW.
  • Grab a bite at the Bingemans Boston Pizza before or after your visit (it’s right next door)
  • Continue having a great time by heading over to Funworx, Escapeworx or the Kingpin Bowlounge.
  • Tell all your friends & family about your experience.

We loved the whole experience, it was a very special evening.  It brought back fond memories from our childhood, and allowed us to sing along (horribly and off-key) to some classic Christmas songs.  For Tony, there was a special connection because years ago, his father used to carve Christmas decorations from plywood and then arrange string lights all over them.  At the time, Tony’s job was to screw in all the light bulbs and take care of the burnt out ones.

We only had one regret that night, we should’ve taken more people with us.  Our recommendation to you is this: grab the whole family or a group of friends.  Pack that car full of those who mean the most to you, cherish these times together, and have a great time.

Now, if you’re wondering, why Tony is dressed like a ridiculous elf/reindeer man, you’re just gonna have to watch our vlog.

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