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What are Fishing Lodges?

Fishing resorts are generally self contained fishing resorts with individual cabins or rooms as accommodations and one large lodge acting as a common area for meals and for entertainment. Most of all, Canada resorts provide transportation to and from the lodge, as well as, fishing equipment, boats and a qualified guide and/or outfitter to assist in the fishing experience. 

Fish in Canada

Fishing in Canada provides a different experience from coast-to-coast-to-coast. In our oceans fishing enthusiasts come to fish salmon, halibut, and tuna. Our lakes and rivers provide some of the best trout, walleye, pike and crappie fishing in the world. The species for fishing in Canada are numerous including some of the lesser known fish like a bowfin and a silver redhorse. 

Lodge Transportation

Fishing lodges are not found on main street Canada. The true fishing experience in Canada via our lodges are located in hard to access destinations surroounded by nature. Many of the Canada lodges are fly-in only meaning access by floatplane or bush plane. There are a smaller number of Canada lodges which are driive-in only via long gravel dirt roads. 

Fishing in Canada 

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