160 Species of Roses! How to ruin Valentine's Day for your Daughters

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160 Species of Roses! How to ruin Valentine's Day for your Daughters

Over 160 Species of Roses – Located in Deroche BC

The Fraser Valley Rose Farm is a family run hobby farm that primarily focus’ on roses. Jason, Lisa and their 2 daughters have been developing their rose farm for approximately 6 years, which also includes a few pet ducks and rabbits.

With a grand tour, Jason and I ventured off into the gardens where the amazing powerful and delicate colours come to life. Oh, and the abundance of natural rose fragrance was stunning.

There were over 160 different types of roses from all over the world, so I had to ask,

“Which of the roses was indigenous to Canada?”

Well this was cool, he pointed out the “Winnipeg Parks Shrub”, a rose named after my hometown. He went onto mention that this particular rose was actually from the area of Morden MB.

There was one rose, when still in its bud form, had a moss texture to it. After you rub it and smell your fingers, it has a strong pine scent. Because of its unusualness for the pine scent, it was well sot after rose.

Now that I had the tour, it had me thinking. Here’s a guy with 3 women in the house who basically gave them a their very own Rose Garden that women dream about.

So I poised the question and statement, “What the heck were you thinking!?”

I guess you kinda ruined it for yourself, because seriously, how do you top this when it comes to special occasions? Its not as if you can wake up on Valentines days, turn to Lisa and point to the garden, and say, “160 different types… there you go, knock yourself out.”. Jason laughed and agreed that he kinda set the bar a little too high for himself.

Let’s face it, there are going to be future son-in-laws that are going to be a little pissed at you. They’ll show up at the door with what they think is the most impressive, and awesomest bouquet of roses your daughters have ever seen…. only to be devastated when they look over your daughter’s shoulders and see this acreage.

You could write a book, How to ruin Valentine’s Day for your daughters.

Now that I think of it, there’s going to be a lot of guys who are going to be a little upset at you once their wives read this story. “Lisa’s husband got her a few acres of roses, all I got was a valentines’s coffee mug with a couple lousy chocolate roses at the end of stick. ”.

In all seriousness, from the edible plant section to the major beds of roses, the family has done an amazing job! They are a super friendly family that encourages you to come out and have look at their Fraser Valley Rose Farm in Deroche BC.

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