When plans go awry

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When plans go awry

Not all trips go as planned but those that don't often make for the best stories. We've experienced this ourselves and so have some of our guests. Sometimes it's due to unforseen circumstances (flights cancelled, roads closed...), and sometimes it's due to lack of research. Which brings us to Maiko and the bike trip that wouldn't end... Maiko was a young Japanese girl spending the summer in Banff. One day she decided to hop on her bike for a quick ride to Radium Hot Springs – have a look around, maybe go for a hike, a dip in the hot springs, then back to Banff. All in one day! Someone had told her that Radium was only about an hour from Banff. They necglected to tell her that this was by car, not bicycle. So, after 1 hour of riding she was eagerly scanning the scenery for signs of Radium Hot Springs. Then, after 2 hours of riding there finally was one: The sign indicating the tuen-off to Radium Hot Springs. This sign gave her hope. “Aha, Radium is just around the corner!” Now she is cycling up a fairly steep grade for the climb over Vermilion Pass. Another hour later – still no Radium in sight! Here's how she describes it: “I’m living in Banff. I thought Radium was not far from Banff. So I decided I came to here by bicycle!! It start of terrible story!! You know, I didn’t know from Banff to here is 162 km (note: it’s actually 138km) It’s my big mistake. I gave up half finished. Anyway I am here Everybody helped me. I wonna stay here!! Because I wonna talk to you and more fun in this area. (Because Kootanay was closed for fire) So so so, I’ll be back in early summer!! … -Maiko / JAPAN” Well, we're glad you persisted Maiko. And equally thankful that a kind stranger picked you up and dropped you at our doorstep. It was lovely to meet you! And now we both have another story to tell... BTW: One of our other guests was able to take Maiko and her bike back to Banff the next day


5036 Highway 93
Radium Hot Springs

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