Paranormal Tour on the Grand River

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Paranormal Tour on the Grand River

Do you believe in ghosts?  We’ll admit that we were skeptics at first, but after going on our first ever ghost-hunting tour and paranormal experience, Whisper to The Moon, we now think and believe otherwise.  The tour, hosted by a real-life ghost hunting team, S.N.I.P.E.,  was a night-time paddle with ghost stories followed by a demonstration of evidence to prove the existence and presence of ghosts collected over the years.

Of course we just had to film a video for our YouTube Channel.

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The Tour

The tour started from Chiefswood National Historic Site which is also the birthplace of famous Canadian poet Pauline Johnson.  Once we arrived we were greeted by Todd Thomas one of the co-founders of S.N.I.P.E.  He gave us a brief summary of what to expect on the Whisper to The Moon paranormal paddle and tour before we drove over and walked down to our launch point on the Grand River along with our raft and paddles.  One of the other Investigators, Artie Martin, also joined us along with 2 other guests.

Once we were all settled in the raft and paddling along, Artie introduced himself and shared his beliefs as well as what he was taught as a child about life, death and the afterlife.  He also asked each of us in the raft to also introduce ourselves, mention where we were from as well as what our beliefs were or experiences we may have had with the ‘paranormal’.  He also shared what the Grand River and the moon, which was our only source of light, meant to the people of Six Nations.

Artie share some stories with us about ghost sightings in the area, even some that happened in that portion of the Grand River.  There’s one sighting that happens on a regular basis, and people often get out of their cars to see what’s happened, only to realize it was a fleeting vision.

Did you notice the look on Tony’s face?  There was one of the ghost stories that would leave him spooked and on edge at the end of the evening.  Watch the video to find out which story had him so freaked out.

The paddling portion of the paranormal tour ended on the riverbank at Chiefswood NHS and once we pulled onto shore we headed back to the house for the evidence portion of the evening.  We went into room lit by lanterns to review all the paranormal evidence the S.N.I.P.E Team collected over the years.  One of the video clips we saw was footage taken at former residential school and although both Todd and Artie had previously watched this footage several times, it happened, by coincidence, that at the exact point the video was paused Tony noticed a faint facial outline. We enhanced the image in our video however tell us what you think & believe.  Do you see the ghost in the picture and video collected by S.N.I.P.E?

Our tour and paranormal experience ended with a walking tour of the house with Todd’s explanation and recollection of the various sightings in the house.  The house is over 100 years old so as you can imagine the floorboards and staircase are very squeaky which naturally increases the ‘scare-factor’ however look at the doll picture below.  Is that not the scariest looking doll EVER?!?!

Our final activity as part of the experience was supposed to be a seance in which attempts to contact the ghosts or spirits living in the house were made, however we had to forego this due to timing.  We did not see or hear any ghosts ourselves however if you attend a Whisper to The Moon tour and personally witness any paranormal activity please share it with us in the comments box below.


Chiefswood National Historic Site is located in Oshweken on the Six Nations of the Grand River .

Tour Dates, Availability & Cost

For current information about dates, availability, cost or to make a reservation you can call (519) 758-5444 or send an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  For more information about the Whisper to the Moon Tour visit the S.N.I.P.E. website.

Need to Know Info

  • We originally thought we would be paddling in total darkness, but surprisingly,  the moonlight provided sufficient lighting.  Trust us when we tell you that your eyesight will adjust accordingly.
  • The dusk / sunset hours are prime-time for mosquitoes, so wear lots of bug spray before you head out on the water.  We also highly recommend that you wear long sleeves and pants to avoid getting bitten.
  • The Guides are very interested in learning about other family traditions, backgrounds and culture so go prepared to share a story or two.

Whisper to The Moon is such a unique and special experience because its held on the Six Nations of the Grand River reservation.  It’s also both an entertaining and educational experience.  If you’re looking for a totally different experience to challenge and place you outside your comfort zone then this tour is exactly what you are looking for.

If you’re not into paranormal events or activities and prefer a more traditional type of paddling experience, there’s several options available to you.  We tried turbo tubing earlier in the day, and the outfitter, Grand River Rafting also offers kayaking, canoeing and rafting tours during the day.

Our Whisper to The Moon night paddle and paranormal experience  was sponsored by SNIPE and The Heart of Ontario however all opinions, recommendations & reviews are our own.

Have any photos or videos of your visit that you would like to share with us?  Send them over to @LetsDiscoverON.

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