International Peace Garden


Park Size: 2300 acres

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Interpretive Centre
General Store

International Peace Gardens is a memorial park located on the Canada / USA border which is located south of Boissevain, Manitoba, Canada and north of North Dakota, USA.

The international park is a memorial to September 9/11 and it is a park which celebrates the peaceful relationship enjoyed between Canada and the USA.

The September 9/11 Memorial consists of 10 beams brought in from the original Twin Towers (World Trade Centre). Surrounding those beams is a lavish floral garden of reds, blues and whites.

The International Peace Gardens is massive border crossing park measuring over 930 hectares (2300 acres). Every year, the staff at the park plant over 150,000 flowers. Within the park there many attractions and surrounding the floral gardens is a forest of trees.

Some of the attractions are floral and some are man-made. There is a floral clock which attracts pictures and people because it is made of over 3000 flowers and it even keeps time accurately.

The Peace Tower nearby stands over 35 metres (120 feet) tall. The tower represents peace and is designed to celebrate people and cultures from around the world. There is an inscription which reads, “To God in his Glory we two nations dedicate this garden and pledge ourselves that as long as men shall live we will not take up arms against one another.”

There is also a Peace Chapel made of 3 stone slabs made of Manitoba limestone and a 1930 historic lodge on site made of timber and more stone.

Services in the park include a campground, gift shop, coffee house, information centre, hiking trails, educational programs and a day use picnic area. In the summer music and sporting programs run weekly. The gain admission to the park there is a fee.

International Peace Garden, Boissevain, Manitoba, Canada, Western Region


International Peace Garden
Highway #10

How To Get ToInternational Peace Garden

Travel the Trans Canada Hwy (Hwy #1) to Brandon Manitoba. From Brandon travel south on Highway #10 Boissevain Manitoba for 70 kilometres to the Peace Gardens.
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