Sturgeon Creek Park & Trail


Trail Length: 4 kilometres one-way

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Dog Walking
Wheelchair Access

Sturgeon Creek Park is a green space area and a recreation trail. Most of the walking and biking trails in the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada form part of a larger inter-connecting trail system. The Sturgeon Creek Park pathway is one of those trails within the larger trail system.

The trail in the park follows the banks of Sturgeon Creek and measures about 4 kilometres one-way. The Sturgeon Creek Trail travels in a south-north direction extending from Woodhaven Park to Saskatchewan Avenue.

The recreation trail is an easy going and level path suitable for all ages and fitness levels. It is very easy to access, with good parking and is wheelchair and baby stroller friendly.

The Sturgeon Creek Trail is a pathway connecting to neighbourhoods, trails and parks. It is a popular pathway for biking, walking and jogging.

The green space area of the park is covered with maintained grass lawns, inter dispersed with some singular trees. Most of the park is exposed to the elements with very little shade cover available.

Sturgeon Creek Park is a destination for picnicking, birdwatching and sightseeing. There are sitting benches and a picnic shelter located in the park.

During the 1990s there were some fish ladders added to Sturgeon Creek to improve fish production and water quality. Located near the south end of the park one can see the fish ladders at work.

The Sturgeon Creek Trail connects to outdoor exhibits and attractions like a fighter plane, old historic mill and a tall grass prairie environment. The T-33 airplane honours the Golden Centennaires who flew in honour of Winnipeg’s 1967 Centennial. Grant's Old Mill is a working mill with moving parts open for viewing in the peak spring, summer and fall tourism seasons.

There are four parking areas to access. One can park at the Woodhaven Community Centre parking lot. Another option is the Sturgeon Creek Park parking lot on Booth Drive. Also one can park in the Vimy Arena parking lot and access the Sturgeon Creek Trail and some washrooms.

Sturgeon Creek Park & Trail , Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Sturgeon Creek Park & Trail
Kirby Drive

How To Get ToSturgeon Creek Park & Trail

From Downtown Winnipeg, near City Hall, travel northeast on King Street and then take a right onto James Avenue. From James Avenue take a right onto Main Street. Continue on Main Street until Exit Route 85 W where you take a right onto Portage Avenue. Continue on Portage until you turn right onto Sturgeon Road and then left on Ness Ave followed by a left onto Setter Street. Take one last right on Kirby Drive to reach park. Total distance is 13 kilometres.
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