Nopiming Provincial Park

Lac du Bonnet

Park Size: 1400 square kilometres
Park Amenities:
Boat Launch
Wilderness Camp

Nopiming Provincial Park is a wilderness nature park located in the Eastern region of Manitoba, Canada. Nopiming is a First Nation word derived from the Anishinabe people meaning, "entrance to the wilderness."

The park is a gateway for remote wilderness adventures and for exploring some of Canada's oldest rock - the Canadian Shield. In this case the Canadian Shield is a combination of granite rocks, cliffs, rivers, lakes, wetlands, bogs and forests of poplar, spruce, tamarack, jack pine and birch trees.

The Nopiming Provincial Park measures over 1400 square kilometres. There are said to be over 700+ lakes and hundreds of kilometres of rivers. Some developed lakes include boat launches, campgrounds, beaches, resorts and fish cleaning stations.

Some remote lakes are outfitted with accommodations like fishing lodges, cottages and wilderness camps. Some accommodations are accessed easily by road while a few are more remote and can only be accessed via a floatplane or canoe.

The Nopiming Provincial Park is made for wilderness adventures. During the summer months popular activities include canoeing, hiking, camping, birdwatching, kayaking, swimming, boating and fishing for northern pike, smallmouth bass, trout and walleye.

The rivers - and there are many of them - provide fishing, canoeing and sightseeing adventures. For many adventures the rivers become the transportation routes necessary to access deeper into the park's wilderness backcountry.

The park is well known as one of the best parks in Manitoba, Canada for creating road access put in and take out points for canoes. Easy access to some of the popular canoe paddle routes provides an opportunity for day and multi day paddle adventures.

Some of the traditional rivers to paddle in the Nopiming Provincial Park include the Bird, Maskwa, Black and Manigotagan Rivers.

Some of the developed paddle routes in the park include the Cole-Bird-Elbow Lakes Paddle Route; Manigotagan Paddle Route; Long Lake to Caribou Landing Paddle Route; Beresford Lake to Garner Lake Paddle Route and the Seagrim-Bird-Rabbit River Paddle Route.

There are four developed campgrounds. Each campsite contains a picnic table and a fire ring. Services are kept to the minimum (fresh water, boat launches, fish cleaning stations and pit toilets).

There are two main developed walking trails in the park. They are the Fire of "Eighty Three" and the Walking on Ancient Mountains Trails. Both are self guided trails. Both are located near campgrounds.

Walking on Ancient Mountains Trail (1.8 kms return) leads to a viewing area overlooking Tooth Lake. The trail includes interpretive posts, some steep sections of hiking and rock steps.

The Fire of "Eighty Three" Trail (1.5 kms return) is an interpretive trail detailing the death and rebirth of boreal forests after forests fires. The trail includes interpretive posts, some steep sections of hiking and a short 1 kilometre return trail connecting to Maberty Lake.

While your are exploring in the park please make sure to stay alert and keep a lookout for old mining sites. There are artifacts left behind from the 1930s Manitoba gold rush like a trappers cabin, tools and old mine shafts.

Always watch for wildlife in the park. Have a camera ready for all kinds of wildlife sightings of mammals, amphibians, reptiles and birds. There are black bears, moose, elk and birds like bald eagles, osprey, owls and plenty of waterfowl.

There are two other large, wilderness parks to explore while you are in the region. The remote, hard to access Atikaki Provincial Park is located to the north of the Nopiming Provincial Park and another wilderness recreation adventure park - the Whiteshell Provincial Park - is located to the south.
Nopiming Provincial Park, Manitoba, Canada


Nopiming Provincial Park
Route #315
Lac du Bonnet

How To Get ToNopiming Provincial Park

The north entrance of the of Nopiming Provincial Park is on Route #314 which is near the community of Bissett, Manitoba. At the entrance of the park are the Hope and Wadhope Mine Sites. The south entrance of the of Nopiming Provincial Park is on Route #315 best accessed from the community of Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba. A route which follows the Birds River into the park.
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