Camp Morton Provinical Park


Park Size: 251 hectares
Park Amenities:
Horseback Riding

Camp Morton Provincial Park is a recreation destination on the western shores of Lake Winnipeg in the province of Manitoba, Canada. The park highlights the past with historical buildings and celebrates the present while enjoying sandy beaches.

The elongated park follows along the shores of the big lake. A serviced campground and an unsupervised beach are located on the north end of the park. In the south end of the park there is a network of inter-connecting backcountry recreation trails exploring a boreal forest.

Long ago... the park grounds were once the site of a 1920s campground for under privileged children. The history of the summer camp is well represented today by the historic buildings, manicured gardens, monuments and information signs located throughout the park.

In 1975 Camp Morton Park became a campground with campsites, log cottages and, later, with yurts. It is a small campground, but popular for events, groups and special occasions. There is a recreation hall for such events. Please make note the hall, camping and accommodations are all booked by reservation only.

The summer activities in the park include swimming, sunbathing, fishing, hiking, picnicking, horseback riding and birdwatching. There are song birds in the forest and waterfowl on the lake. A very large population of white pelicans gather on Lake Winnipeg nearby.

During the winter, the snow falls and the lake freezes over. During the snow season people come to the park to enjoy winter horseback riding, ice fishing and the recreation trails. The recreation trails quickly become wilderness xc ski routes in the winter months. Located along the trails are warming huts and wood stoves.

Hiking and xc sking trails in the Cape Morton Provincial Park include the Steeple View Loop Trail (2.35 kms), Birch Loop Trail (2.8 kms), Ravine Trail (1.5 kms) Moonshine Trail (1.95 kms), Pincherry Loop Trail (3.9 kms), Fox Den Loop Trail (1.1 kms) and a horseback riding loop trail measuring 2.5 kms.

Many of the trails are short. Some with interpretive signs. Some trails are accessed from other trails. There are some hill climbing sections on some trails. Watch for exposed tree roots on the wilderness trails. Trails vary from easy-going to moderate. Most trails are suited for all ages and fitness levels.
Camp Morton Provincial Park, Gimli, Manitoba, Canada


Camp Morton Provinical Park
Highway #22

How To Get ToCamp Morton Provinical Park

From the community of Gimli, Manitoba travel Highway #22 north along the shores of of Lake Winnipeg to the park entrance which is located on your right. From Gimli to Camp Morton Provincial Park is 8 kilometres.
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