Pembina Valley Provincial Park


Park Size: 178 hectares
Park Amenities:
Wildlife Watching

Pembina Valley Provincial Park is a protected parkland region and a popular recreation destination for hiking and birdwatching located in the Pembina Valley in the southern section of the province of Manitoba, Canada near the communities of Morden and Winkler, Manitoba.

The Pembina Valley Provincial Park was established in 2001 and measures about 178 hectares (440 acres). The area protected is part of the Pembina/Tiger Hills Natural Region of Manitoba which is an eco system ranging form the low lying river valley to upland aspen forests and wildflower meadows.

The forests protect the low lying shrubs and wildlife while the meadows are home to prairie grasslands and wildflowers. There are creeks and streams flowing through the park. The biggest river, Pembina River, marks the northern boundary of the park.

The waterways are lined with cattails and willows and the upper banks of the waterways breed aspen and oak forests. The meadows in the park are prairie grasslands with plants like harebells and asters. The forest shrubs protect saskatoon and chokeberry bushes.

The park is most notably recognized as a prime birdwatching destination, as well as, a hiking and walking destination. The trails provide the opportunity for sightseeing the Pembina Valley and the local wildlife.

The trails in the Pembina Valley Provincial Park vary in length and difficulty. The trails include the Pembina Rim (6.5 Kms), Oak Woods (1.3 Kms), Porcupine Ridges (2.6 Kms), Valley Vistas (500 metres), Whitetail Hollows (700 metres), Hawks Hills (700 metres) and Boulder Creek (400 metres).

Trails range from easy-going to difficult terrain. Some are one way routes while others are loop routes. Plan accordingly. The trails cross creeks, streams and foot bridges while climbing slopes and rolling hills. Along the routes are picnic shelters, day use picnic areas, pit toilets, viewpoints and lookout towers.

There are over two hundred bird species migrating or breeding in the Pembina Valley. Bird sightings include songbirds, waterfowl and predator birds like golden eagles, bald eagles, red-tailed hawks, warblers, woodpeckers, flycatchers, blue jays, towhees, vultures, vireos and chickadees.

Pembina Valley Provincial Park, Morden, Manitoba, Canada, Pembina Valley Region,


Pembina Valley Provincial Park
Road #201

How To Get ToPembina Valley Provincial Park

From the community of Morden travel south on Road #432 to Road #201. Continue to travel west on #201 to the park entrance. Total distance is 33 kilometres.

From the community of Winkler travel south on Road #32 to Road #201. Continue to travel west on #201 to the park entrance. Total distance is 46.5 kilometres.
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