Delta Marsh

Portage La Prairie

Park Size: 18,000 hectares
Park Amenities:
Boat Launch

Delta Marsh is a birdwatching destination and Delta Beach is a recreation destination situated on the southern shores of Lake Manitoba located north of the community of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada.

Delta Marsh is recognized as a designated wildlife protection area and a bird gaming site (hunting). The wetland environment is one of the largest lacustrine marshes (marsh located in or on the edge of a lake) in North America. It is the largest marsh in the Lake Manitoba region.

The Delta Marsh is recognized by many organizations as a vital environment for birds. The wetland is recognized by the Ramsar Convention as a “Wetland of International Significance” and, in 1999, as an Important Bird Area (IBA).

The wetland marsh is a prime birding destination for migrating and resident birds because of the environment. There is a large lake, beach ridge, upland grasslands, farming pastures and forests of maple and aspen-oak trees.

The Delta Marsh measures about 30 kilometres long and 4 kilometres at its widest point. The entire marsh covers an area of around 18,000 hectares. The marsh is a resting, nesting and feeding ground for migrating waterfowl and songbirds in particular.

Some of the more popular bird species in the region include the American white pelican, great blue heron, piping plover, sandiper, white-throated sparrow, American redstart, least flycatcher and yellow, Tennessee and myrtle warblers.

The significance of the marsh is that it is separated into small ponds from Lake Manitoba by a forested ridge of 300-600 metres wide. On the lake side of that ridge is the site of Delta Beach - a very popular swimming beach in the region.

The Taking Flight Trail explores the marsh. There are interpretive signs, viewing towers and sightseeing benches.

Delta Beach is a campground and swimming beach. Facilities include concession stand, playground, boat launch and day use picnic area.
Delta Marsh, Delta Beach, Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada


Delta Marsh
Road #240
Portage La Prairie

How To Get ToDelta Marsh

From the community of Portage La Prairie travel north on Road #240 to the marsh. Total distance is 24 kilometres from Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.
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