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On the banks of the Sheep River

Okotoks, AB, Canada is located on the banks of the Sheep River in the Sheep River Valley of Alberta which is about 18 km south of the City of Calgary. The Blackfoot First Nation called the region "Okatok" which means rock. The rock they were referring to is the massive glacial rock located west of the community known as the Erratic Rock.


Activities, Adventures, Things To Do in Okotoks, AB

Activities most enjoyed in Okotoks, Canada and the surrounding areas includes golfing, sightseeing, fly fishing, day tripping, art touring, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, picnicking, biking, cycling, and camping.

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Parks, Trails, & Places to Explore in Okotoks, Canada

A few of the more popular activity and sightseeing destinations located in and around Okotoks, Alberta includes the Sheep River Valley Park and Trail, Riverside Park, Wylie Athletic Park, and the Beatrice Wyndham Park.

Okotoks Natural Attractions, Art, Historical Sites, & Culture

The most visited natural sightseeing attractions, historical sites and cultural venues in and around Okotoks includes Olde Town Historic Walk, Erratic Rock, Okotoks Museum and Archives, Rotary Performing Arts Centre and the Okotoks Art Gallery.

Accommodations, Services and Transportation in Okotoks, Alberta

Travel services important to travelers in and around the community of Okotoks includes accommodations (hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, vacation homes, cottages), campgrounds, restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, pubs, liquor stores, banks, gas stations, souvenir shops, art galleries, big box stores, gift shops, cell service, internet and transportation services including bus, taxi and the nearby Calgary International Airport.

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