Port McNeill, BC, Canada

Port McNeill, British Columbia, Canada Travel and Adventure Guide

"The Gateway to the Broughton Archipelago"

Port McNeill, BC, Canada is a small village located on the northern tip of Vancouver Island on the shores of the Queen Charlotte Strait in British Columbia. Because of the close proximity to popular boating, sailing and kayaking marine routes the community is often referred to as "The Gateway to the Broughton Archipelago". The Broughton Archipelago is B.C.'s largest marine park situated at the mouth of Knight Inlet. It is best known for its remote islands, wildlife sightings, waterfalls and deep-gorge canyons.


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15 Things To Do, Activities, Adventures in Port McNeill, BC

Activities most enjoyed in the community and surrounding areas include boating, sailing, fishing, scuba diving, backpacking, ocean kayaking, camping, picnicking, whale watching, wildlife touring, hiking, bird watching, flightseeing, downhill skiing and snowboarding.

Best Parks, Trails, Marine Routes and Places of Interest to explore in Port McNeill, BC

A few of the more popular activity and sightseeing destinations in the region includes the Cape Scott Provincial Park, Raft Cove Provincial Park, Nimpkish Lake Provincial Park, Telegraph Cove, Mount Cain, Sointula on Malcolm Island and Alert Bay on Cormorant Island. As for marine routes one must consider exploring the  Johnstone Strait, Broughton Archipelago, Kingcome Inlet, and Knight Inlet

Best Port McNeill, British Columbia, Attractions, Historical Sites, Culture

Some of the attractions, museums and cultural venues in Port McNeill, British Columbia and the surrounding regions includes the "Worlds Largest Burl" (350 years old) and the Port McNeill Museum.  

What are the Accommodations, Services and Amenities in Port McNeill, BC?

What type of places to stay are there available in Port McNeill, BC? Places to stay include accommodations like motels, inns, vacation homes, cottages, bed and breakfasts, vacation homes, and campgrounds. Important services and amenities for travelers when exploring in and around Port McNeill, BC, Canada includes tours, guides, pubs, gift stores, restaurants, coffee house, gas station, grocery store, liquor store, cell service, internet, bank and transportation services including a BC Ferry Terminal, marina, taxi and the Port McNeill Airport. 

BC ferries transports vehicles and people from Port McNeill on Vancouver Island to Sointula on Malcolm Island and Alert Bay on Cormorant Island. View BC Ferry Schedule. The community also has a 6000 foot dock for moorage and 3500 feet of it is reserved for visitor berthage. 

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