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Situated on the southern tip of Atlin Lake

Atlin, British Columbia, Canada is located in the northeastern wilderness region of British Columbia, Canada. The small community, located just south of the BC/Yukon Provincial Border, is situated on the southern tip of Atlin Lake neighboring the Llewellyn Glacier and surrounded by coastal mountain ranges. Atlin Lake is the largest natural lake in British Columbia and it is the headwater of the Yukon River. The lake, combined with the many other Southern Lakes in the Yukon Territory, were all paddle routes during the Klondike Gold Rush.

The village of Atlin is located at the end of the Atlin Highway (Hwy #7) which is accessed from the Alaska Highway in the Yukon Territory. The only road access to Atlin is via the Yukon Territory. Otherwise access is best by floatplane charter.


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Activity Attractions, Adventures, Things To Do in Atlin, BC

Activities and attractions most enjoyed in and around Atlin and the surrounding areas includes canoeing, kayaking, fishing, boating, hiking, flightseeing, wilderness camping, wildlife watching, horseback riding and snowmobiling, ice fishing, heli skiing and cross country skiing.

Parks, Trails, & Places to Explore in Atlin Canada

A few of the more popular activity and sightseeing destinations located in and around Atlin, British Columbia includes the Atlin Provincial Park, White Mountain, Teresa Island, Atlin Lake, and the Llewellyn Glacier

Atlin Natural Attractions, Art, Historical Sites, & Culture

The most visited natural sightseeing attractions, historical sites and cultural venues in and around Atlin British Columbia includes the 1902 museum schoolhouse, 1917 Globe Theatre, Tarahne (a historic paddle wheel), pioneer cemetery, Taku River Tlingit Centre of Culture and an art gallery and artisan studios.

Atlin Accommodations, Services and Transportation

Travel services and amenities important to travelers in and around Atlin British Columbia includes accommodations (motel, bed and breakfast, vacation home,cottage, cabin), campgrounds, tours, guides, restaurants, coffee shops, general store, pub, liquor store, ATM, gas station, gift store, shops and transportation services including floatplanes, and marina.

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