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Harrison Hot Springs

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There are wilderness hot springs located on Harrison Lake and there are developed, commercial hot springs located in the Village of Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada.

The developed hot springs are located in two separate locations in the village. The main, most developed, hot springs are located inside a luxury resort and are available to resort guests only. The hot springs that are open to the public are located one block east of the resort.

Both developed hot springs are sourced out from the same two springs located 1/4 mile away near the mouth of the Harrison River. They are the "sulphur" spring with water temperatures reaching 65°C/150°F and the "potash" spring with water temperatures reaching 48°C/120°F.

The hot springs in the village open to the public are located indoors and are open year round. Entrance passes can be purchased at the front gate. For those unprepared... there are towels, swimming trunks, bathing suits and locker rentals available on site.

For the truly adventurous there are remote, wilderness hot springs located at various points on Harrison Lake. These hot springs are natural, undeveloped springs accessed by boat only. The two springs most visited are located at Twenty Mile Bay and at Port Douglas. Beware they are not for the shy at heart as many are popular with skinny dippers.

The hot springs in the region around Harrison Hot Springs have been attracting people to the region since the late 1800s. Many believed at the time that the minerals in the water were cures for various pains and illnesses.

Prior to Europeans arriving at the hot springs they were considered a healing place by the local First Nation people. The First Nation people called the springs "Kwals" in their native tongue which means "boiling water". For the healing ceremonies they would travel by canoe from their villages to the various hot springs to perform their rituals.

Explore Harrison Hot Springs, BC, Canada in the Fraser Valley Area of British Columbia, Canada.


Harrison Hot Springs
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Harrison Hot Springs

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Harrison Hot Springs is located in the town of Harrison Hot Springs on Highway #9.
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