Clayburn Creek Park & Trail


Trail Length: 2.5 kilometre

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Dog Walking
Mountain Biking

Clayburn Creek Park & Trail - Abbotsford

Clayburn Creek Park and Trail is a forested, wilderness recreation trail exploring along the banks of Clayburn Creek, near the Village of Clayburn, located north of Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada.

The village is a historical site once populated by the Clayburn Brick Factory. Today, the factory ceases to exist however some of the buildings standing in the village are made of those same clayburn bricks.

The Clayburn Creek Trail was once the path used by the railway for delivering and transporting goods to and from the factory.

The trail was eventually converted into a multi-use recreation trail connecting Straiton Road with Blauson Blvd while passing through a green space area now known as Clayburn Creek Park.

The trail is largely used as an activity trail as well as a connector trail between neighbourhoods. The one-way 2 to 2.5 kilometre trail is a popular route for hiking, biking, jogging and birdwatching. There are song birds singing from the trees as one explores the natural corridor.

The Clayburn Creek Trail explores the parkland area along an earthy and dirt trail which follows the northern banks of the creek. Surrounding the trail is a forest of western red cedar and maple trees.

The trail along Clayburn Creek forms part of the TCT (Trans Canada Trail). From the exit of Clayburn Park the trail, via country roads, accesses the Sumas Mountain Trail.

Clayburn Creek Park and Trail, Abbotsford, BC, Lower Mainland, Canada


Clayburn Creek Park & Trail

How To Get ToClayburn Creek Park & Trail

The main entrance to Clayburn Creek Park is located near the corner of McKee Road and Blauson Blvd.

From Abbotsford city centre follow Sumas Way south to the Old Clayburn Road exit and take a right and then a left onto Old Clayburn Road. next you want to take a right onto McKee Drive and then a left onto Mckee Road. Continue traveling east on McKee Road to Blauson Boulevard and a parking area.
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