Nadu Homestead Trail

Port Clements

Trail Length: 2km

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Wildlife Watching

The Nadu Homestead Trail, which is an old settler wagon road, is located approximately 20 kilometers east of Port Clements, heading towards Masset.

As with most trails on Haida Gwaii, the Nadu Homestead Trail does not have a formal signed trailhead; however, it is easy enough to locate: You will see its access point directly east of Nadu Road, opposite Highway 16. Once you push your way through the thick salal bushes, the trail opens up into a visible wagon road. From here on out, the trail stretches just over 2-kilometers one-way.

There are scant markers along the trail; however, this shouldn’t dissuade potential hikers. The route is quite literally a straight line, so it’s difficult to get lost. Just make sure you don’t stray from the route. Finding your way back – especially in the boggy sections – can be a little difficult.

The trail comes to an end at an old dilapidated bridge. While it is possible to cross using some creative techniques, we don’t feel it’s worth the effort because the route ends minutes later.

If you choose to hike this route, boots or waterproof footwear is strongly recommended. The boggy sections of the trail are quite wet and can be tricky to navigate. While here, be sure to keep an eye out for unique plant life endemic to the area.


Nadu Homestead Trail
Highway 16
Port Clements

How To Get ToNadu Homestead Trail

Drive 20km east of Port Clements. Trailhead is opposite Nadu Road, across Highway 16
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