Things To Do in Haida Gwaii BC Canada

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Haida Gwaii BC Things To Do, Attractions and Activities

Things to do in Haida Gwaii BC Canada. There are many things to do on the islands. Some of the attractions, adventures and activities in Haida Gwaii BC Canada includes fishing, whale watching, boating, ocean kayaking, sightseeing, beachcombing, backpacking, hiking and more. Feel free to book a local tour, guide, or outfitter. If adventure is not your thing and entertainment, culture and traditions are then you lucked out too as there are First Nation museums, totem poles, carvers, artists, masks, traditional dress, weavers and more. 

So many things to do in Haida Gwaii BC Canada.

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Introduction To Things To Do in Haida Gwaii BC Canada

There are attractions, tours, guides, outfitters, adventure companies, activity groups, entertainment, events, festivals and more on Haida Gwaii. There are many adventures to explore in Haida Gwaii BC parks and trails including hiking, camping, beachcombing, backpacking, canoeing, ocean kayaking and picnicking.  Because of the easy access to shorelines, beaches and parks in the Haida Gwaii region it is an ideal environment for some spectacular sightseeing.

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Things to do in Haida Gwaii BC Canada

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