Blow Hole, Naikoon Provincial Park

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Trail Length: 2 kilometres

Difficulty: Easy - Family
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Blow Hole Hiking Trail, Naikoon Provincial Park

A short enjoyable hike along a well maintained earth and boardwalk path following alongside the shores of the Hiellen River. The short 15-30 minute return trek (approx. 2 km - 1.3 mi.) meanders through coastal forests - mostly above the forest floor comprised of ferns, deadfall and salal - walking along boardwalk pathways.

Blow Hole - Haida Gwaii, BC Photo GalleryThe walking trail leading to the Blow Hole is also the same trail leading to the Tow Hill Lookout. The trail starts out from the parking lot where there is some pit toilets and a small picnic area. Follow the wide hard-packed earth trail which turns into boardwalk trail. Soon, about half way, the trail splits. There is a sign pointing left to the top of Tow Hill and right to the coast and the Blow Hole.

The Blow Hole Hiking Trail leads to a coastline covered in lava-like rock formations, towering rock cliffs and shooting surge channels head-butting the shoreline sending mist into the air.

Further investigation will find some protected areas among the rocks with tidal pool marine life. Always be aware of tides, rouge waves and storms. Remember, the bigger the storm the bigger the waves and winds. ALWAYS be careful... very slippery.

The Blow Hole attraction is an underground catapult of water surge channels carved through the coastline rocks. The sea water in the ocean channels builds up and then spews out about 25 feet of water into the air. On the Haida Gwaii Islands the Blow Hole is refereed to as 'the gun'.

Blow Hole Hiking Trail, Naikoon Provincial Park, Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, Canada



Blow Hole, Naikoon Provincial Park
Tow Hill Road

How To Get ToBlow Hole, Naikoon Provincial Park

Drive north on Hwy 16 from Skidegate BC Ferry towards Masset Village. Continue driving north-east of Masset Village on the main hwy over the Sangan River into the Tow Hill Ecological Reserve area of the Naikoon Provincial Park. The paved road turns to gravel (Tow Hill Road). Continue straight ahead (30 min.) past Agate Beach Campground sign to the Tow Hill Parking Lot, right before the Hiellen River bridge, on the left hand side . Park here and start walking.
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