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"Our Canada Travel Influencers are award winning, authentic storytellers who create content pages about travel, tourism and adventure with proven results on search engines and social media." 

The demand for an effective Canada Travel Influencer continues to grow and evolve, so too are the number and ways in which tourism, travel and adventure brands partner with influencers to promote their communities, regions, services and products. The selection of a community travel influencer depends on many factors - the writing style, the visual, the reach, the engagement rate, price and the target market. Some focus on one platform while others focus on multiple platforms and/or search engines like the Canada Adventure Seekers.

Ontario travel influencer on the Trans Canada Trail. Dr. Sonya Richmond, Come walk with us.
British Columbia Inclusive tourism influencer - Canada Adventure Seeker

What Is A Traditional Canada Travel Influencer?

A travel influencer, in its traditional form, is an Internet personality that creates social media content about travel, tourism, adventure and culture. In Canada, most influencers come from British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. Their created content is considered a resource of knowledge, expertise therefore influencing their readers' opinions and perceptions of places to stay and things to do in their province. 

Andrea Horning, Alberta Travel Influencer
Janel Coe, travel influencer for Ontario Canada

Why Content Marketing?

Simple, because it works and it produces proven results when done correctly. Hubspot states that, "82% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing." According to the Content Marketing Institute, "81% of marketers view content as a core business strategy". In a study made by Kapost, they found that content marketing operations were able to drive a 253% increase in online engagement! And in Canada, the EH Canada Travel Adventure Seekers are trained and recognized by search engines as top content creators.

"Your program has created the positive energy and focus we need moving forward in the next 10 years." 

by Kathy Castro - Tourism Nicola Valley Board Member
Cary Horning, road tripping Cary from Alberta Canada
Sarah Stewart is a Canada Travel Influencer from Ontario Canada

Expand Your Reach With Content

Content marketing can target specific groups and tourism markets that your website cannot. Content marketing in the travel industry can significantly contribute to bookings and reservations while helping you set your brand apart from competitors. This, and many more reasons, is why it's one of the most sought-after tourism industry marketing services.

"It great to see that the community content marketing program is getting people's attention around the world" 

by M. Olguin - Business development Officer
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Canada Adventure Seeker VS Canada Travel Influencer

A Canada Adventure Seeker is a step up the chain of travel influencers because they have better distribution channels, better training (every month they meet for training on new technology and techniques) and better long term results. Content created by Seekers provides allot more eyes on your brand and for a longer period of time. Most Canada travel influencers, write an article and post it on a social media channel. One and done. This is not the mantra of a Canada Adventure Seeker.

"This is the best thing that's happened in our community in a long time" 

by Shelley Sanders - Canadian Country Music Heritage Society

 Benefits Of A Canada Adventure Seeker Travel Influencer

(1) The content ranks on the first page of search engines thus providing a 2-3 year shelf life for your content;

(2) The content is published on a live scrolling national Travel Talk Community feed reaching tens of thousands of travellers;

(3) The content is shared on multiple social media channels reaching new audiences;

(4) The content is published in your community, as well as, provincially, nationally and in applicable adventure categories on an award winning Canadian website - Your content page becomes part of the website therefore it becomes part of the planning and booking process of travellers. Hence, more bookings, more bum in seats, more ticket sales, more smiles all around. 

(5) The finished content is promoted by other Seekers located across Canada therefore reaching new markets.

"The program makes it easy to book a trip to the region, with recommendations and insights from local resident bloggers." 

by Jackie Tegart MLA - Legislative Assembly of British Columbia

10 Canada Travel Influencers For The Price Of 1 Is Better

In general terms, Canadian influencers act alone. It is one person, writing one article and marketing it on one social media channel to the power of one influencer. A Canada Adventure Seeker influencer is one of many marketing each other's content on multiple social media channels, multiple times. The Seeker's content is then published 2-5 times throughout a national award winning website. All pointing to your business. The reach and shelf life of your content is far greater with a Canada Travel Influencer who is a Canada Adventure Seeker.

Partner With A Canada Adventure Seeker

Canada Adventure Seekers are located throughout most of Canada. They are available for content marketing assignments within their region. Please feel free to reach out to us for more information on how to bring a Seeker to your business or town to tell your story effectively and economically.



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