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British Columbia community golf courses located in Canada

There are said to be over 300 British Columbia golf courses in Canada. There are BC golfing adventures at luxury golfing resorts and then there are the hundreds of community golf courses. Luxury resort golfing communities provide all the luxuries and more including your own accommodations, restaurants, shopping experiences, lessons, hair salons, casino, etc. British Columbia Canada is home to many golf vacation memories.

British Columbia Golf Course Seasons

Golfing in British Columbia can be a year round activity on the west coast of Canada and a 3 season experience on the east coast. This is not written in stone but is the case in most years. In the summer the BC golf courses are lush, green and wildlife is plenty. In the spring the flowers are blooming and the morning sunshine warms up our days. In the autumn season the trees turn amazing shades of reds, oranges, and yellows. On the west coast one can ski in the mountains and golf in the valleys all winter long.

Golf Courses in BC

The selection of golf courses in British Columbia is staggering. As mentioned earlier, the gold course count is around 300. In some regions the golf courses are so close together you can tee off at the first hole at 3-5 golf courses in 3-5 different communities on a 2 day weekend.

British Columbia Golf Course Hot Spots

BC Golf Course Hot Spots is based on number of golf courses in the region. Some of the more popular golf courses in British Columbia, Canada are located on Vancouver Island, Vancouver and the Fraser Valley and throughout the Okanagan Valley. There are 45+ golf courses on Vancouver Island and 22+ golf courses in the Okanagan Valley.

British Columbia Golfing and Golf Courses

British Columbia, Canada

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Just got some new golf shoes for my B Day! Time to break them in with a birdie.

Just got some new golf shoes for my B Day! Time to break them in with a birdie.
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