Storm Watching in BC, Canada

There is just something about huge waves crashing like thunder. Whether observed from a resort or vacation home while you enjoy a romantic candlelite dinner. Or outdoors exploring on foot, disappearing into the sheets of ocean mist. A British Columbia, Canada storm watching experience not soon forgotten.

storm watching british columbia

Best places to storm watch:

A British Columbia storm watching vacation places you front and centre, head to head with mother nature. Some storm watchers sit back -relax - and observe the crushing waves from a resort while others participate outdoors exploring on foot, disappearing into the sheets of ocean mist.

The pacific side of British Columbia is home to over 6000 islands and during the winter and early spring months the shores on the west coast erupt with waves and winds firing on all cylinders pounding the coastline.

Many visitors, enjoy the sounds and sights of a thundering pacific storm while staying dry in one of the waterfront resorts, observing from a far, in the lap of comfort sitting behind large protective windows... spending hours mesmerized by 50 foot waves tossing logs about like toothpicks.

Others, the more adventurous types, suit up in rain gear from head to toe, slip on some rubber boots and water proof the camera in preparation to walk the beaches with the thundering waves and ocean mists.

Every British Columbia storm watcher who ventures outdoors should be well prepared for a good time but also be smart about the high gusts of unpredictable winds, rogue waves.

People arrive in droves, booking accommodations, at the many storm watching resorts, inns and B&Bs every year celebrating an oncoming west coast storm.

The most recognized location in British Columbia for storm watching is in the Pacific Rim area on Vancouver Island and off the northern tip of the Haida Gwaii. The unprotected coastline fronts the open Pacific Ocean and receives the brunt of the incoming storms. Many accommodations in the communities of Tofino and Ucluelet offer storm watching packages.

Have a British Columbia, Canada stormwatching experience you won't soon forget.

Plan a Storm Watching Vacation in BC, Canada

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