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Top Things to Do While Visiting Waterton

Family Friendly Activities in Waterton National Park 

Where is Waterton Lakes National Park?

Things To Do In Waterton Lakes National Park. The park is located in the southern portion of the province of Alberta Canada bordering Montana in the United States of America. Located in the southwest area by B.C and the Castle Region. There are no tours or transportation services to Waterton that I know of, but if you find your way there without a car, the town is small and cute, easy to navigate on foot or bike. Waterton is an International Peace Park with Glacier National Park to the south. The boat tours are an international, non-landing, cruise that shows the cutline in the forest to mark the border. A gorgeous section of the Canadian Rocky Mountains worth visiting.

#sharethechair Parks Canada Red Chairs Waterton Lakes National Park. Photo Credit-Andrea Horning
Family friendly adventures in Waterton Lakes area. Photo Credit-Andrea Horning

Things To Do In Waterton Lakes National Park Alberta Canada

1. Cameron Falls 

Located right along the street, everyone can take in the views and enjoy Cameron Falls year round. There is plenty of parking and it is wheelchair accessible. Plan to get wet if the falls has a good flow! There is plenty of waterfall mist to go around, always a bonus on a hot day.

2. Red Rock Canyon Trails

An easily accessible super unique red canyon the winds through Waterton. It is even known to have pink water in rare occasions! A must see when in this Canadian National Park. Also fairly wheelchair accessible while navigating areas around the Red Rock Canyon. 

3. Blakiston Falls

If you're popping by Red Rock Canyon, carry on a short ways across the trail from there to Blakiston Falls. A huge waterfall with fantastic lookouts. It's quite an easy trail too! Somewhere rocky, but otherwise surprisingly flat and took no time to get from the Canyon to this amazing waterfall in Waterton. 

4. Berth Lake Hike and Waterfalls

Bertha Lake is a gem. Calm, quiet, peaceful all around. There is even a backcountry camping area at the lake. But even if you don't do the complete trail, there are not only 1, but 2 waterfalls along the way! The 1st waterfall is not far up the trail, but be ready for some elevation gain right away. Along the way you're rewarded with amazing mountain and lake views, as well as the transition from an area hit by wildfire, and then to Bertha Lake itself which was not affected by the fire. 

5. Cameron Lake Day-Use Area 

Cameron Lake has just about everything you need for a wonderful day outdoors. There are a large number of trails from, to, and around the lake. Additionally, you can rent non-motorized watercraft to explore the lake that way. There are picnic tables, pit vault toilets and more here. Try a thimbleberry if you see some while hiking around here! This area is wheelchair friendly as the Cameron Lake area itself is quite level ground.

Blakiston Falls in Waterton Lakes National Park. Photo Credit-Andrea Horning
Cameron Lake Day-Use Area. Photo Credit-Andrea Horning

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6. Akamina Lake Trail

A short and sweet easy trail starting from the Cameron Lake parking lot, opposite side as the lake. Take a walk through regrowth and remnants from the 2017 Kenow Wildlife that ripped through the park. Leading to a beautiful little alpine lake, this is a great family friendly trail.

7. Rent a Bike or a Water Toy

As of 2024, the rules are no personal watercraft allowed in Waterton Lakes National Park. So that means no boats, no fishing float tubes, no kayaks, no paddleboards. Luckily, you can still find these items available to rent throughout town. Furthermore, you can find those cool Surrey Bikes for rent in Waterton! They are Blast with family or friends while touring around town. Waterton townsite itself is quite level and easy to ride. The option is there for regular bikes and E-bikes too.

Akimina Lake trail is family friendly and very easy. Photo Credit-Andrea Horning
The Akimina Lake trail growth after the Kenow Wildfire in 2017. The fire damaged a good section of Waterton Lake National Park, but it is recovering nicely.

Beauty, History and Ghost Stories
Things To Do In Waterton Lakes National Park Alberta Canada

8. Explore the Prince of Whales Hotel

You can stay in this iconic hotel, or pop by for a visit. There is a café and giftshop as well as a couple of restaurants. Excitingly, you're able to book yourself an afternoon tea, and be simply amazed at the surrounding views and landscape while sipping tea and eating some light snacks. Ask about the ghost stories!

9. Find the Parks Canada Red Chairs

#sharetheshare Is a fun initiative by Parks Canada. They have put out over 200 red adirondack chairs across the country in some of our best spots. Not surprisingly, Waterton has 4 sets of red chairs! It's a fun adventure to start looking for them while out adventuring in Canada.

Views from the Prince of Whales Hotel grounds. Photo Credit-Andrea Horning
The Prince of Whales Hotel in Waterton/Glacier International Peace Park. Photo Credit-Andrea Horning

Exciting Adventures in Waterton

10. Take in the best Views from the Bears Hump Trail

This has to be one of the shortest, yet most rewarding hikes ever! Even just on the way up, the views are spectacular. Let alone once you reach the top and the full mountain landscape comes into view all around you. This trailhead is easily found across the road from the Prince of Whales Hotel. It's only about 2kms round-trip, buy completely uphill on the way there. Conveniently there are multiple switchbacks, great views and even some benches to take a rest. 

11. Take a Boat Tour 

Not a self guided one like on Cameron Lake, but an actual shoreline cruise on Waterton Lake. There are various options available for times and duration depending in your bucket list and availability. These cruises are offered from late May to October annually, weather depending. 

12. Hike to Crypt Lake

Here's a thrill if you want an adventure. You have to book the boat ride across to be dropped off for this epic hike. Once there you're on a bit of a time limit to make it to the boat afterwards. There's waterfalls, amazing remote scenery as well as a chain section along the trail. If you miss the boat, there is a land trail back, but it is quite the distance. Crypt Lake is a popular hike so you're not likely to be alone while doing this one.

Bears Hump views from the top. Photo Credit-Andrea Horning
Boat cruises are available on Waterton Lake. Photo Credit-Andrea Horning

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13. Wildlife Viewing

Such an amazingly beautiful place that so many animals call home. Elk are the most abundant animal in Waterton. There are always deer walking throughout the town. And I often see bears when visiting as well, so be bear smart and carry your bear spray while away from your vehicle. Drive safe and take your time, keep a sharp eye out if you're cruising the Akimina Parkway. I usually see a bunch of Rocky Mountain Sheep on the main entrance road just past the gates too.

14. Shop and Eat Downtown

Waterton has some adorable little shops and restaurants downtown. Along the lakeshore, you'll be able to have some delicious meals, snacks (like the Canadian Beavertail treat), a candy/chocolate store, cafés, plenty of souvenir stores and lots more. 

15. Stroll the Waterfront Trail

This easy trail is right along the shores of Waterton Lake. It's a flat path stretching from one side of town all the way to the other before wrapping around by the creek. There are many enjoyable parts about this simple trail, as well as benches for a comfortable view of this Canadian National Park in Alberta. 

Walking around town enjoying the fantastic street benches and decorative touches. Photo Credit-Andrea Horning
Shopping in downtown Waterton. Photo Credit-Andrea Horning

Experience Waterton Year Round

While Waterton is best visited during the summer and fall months for amenities, it is open to explore all year long. For some reason, I was always under the impression Waterton was closed during the winter months in Canada. But that is not the case. Services may be limited, some shops and hotels may not be open, and the Akimina Parkway is closed. But there is still plenty to see and do during the winter months as well! Explore one of the quieter National Parks in Alberta this year.

Girls trips to Waterton. Walking the Lakeshore Trail. Photo Credit-Andrea Horning
Watch out for wildlife on the roads. Drive safely and take your time. Photo Credit-Andrea Horning

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Things To Do In Waterton Lakes National Park Alberta Canada

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