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Deh Cho Region

Fort Liard, NWT, Canada also referred to as, "the tropics of the north", it is a small village located in the Deh Cho Region of the Northwest Territory, Canada. The community rests on the banks of the Petitot and Laird Rivers. To the west are the Laird, La Biche and and Kotaneelee Mountain Ranges. To the east is a boreal forest. 23 kilometres to the south is the British Columbia / Northwest Territory Border. And to the north is the Nahanni Butte National Park Reserve .

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Best Things To Do, Adventures, Activities in and around Fort Liard, Northwest Territories

Many of the activities are self guided. Top attractions, adventures and activities most enjoyed in and around Fort Liard, NWT, Canada include hiking, flightseeing, canoeing, rafting, fishing, boating, snowmobiling and birdwatching. There are wilderness camps set up on the rivers for fishing and trapping.

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Best Parks, Trails, & Places to explore in Fort Liard, Northwest Territories

Fort Liard, NWT is surrounded by backcountry wilderness. There are few designated parks and trails in the region. However, the one activity and adventure destination located in and around Fort Liard, NWT is the Blackstone Territorial Park.

What are the Accommodations, Services and Amenities in Fort Liard, NWT?

Fort Liard places to stay, services and amenities important to travelers include a campground, general stores, ATM, gas station, and craft  store.

How Do I Get To Fort Liard Northwest Territories?

Transportation services getting to and from Fort Liard, Northwest Territories includes the main highway of course (Highway #7), and then there is the (YZF) Yellowknife Airport (14 hours 39 minute drive - 783 kms).

Best of Fort Liard NWT, Canada

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