Getting to Grasslands National Park: East Block

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Getting to Grasslands National Park: East Block
Grasslands National Park offers two blocks located two and a half hour drive between each other.  Below are the directions on how to get to the East Block. The East Block is accessible from Highway 18, 47km south of Wood Mountain.  From Val Marie you can take Highway 18 (signs for Fir Mountain) and then will take a right onto Highway 608 and you will begin to see signage for the park entrance.  There is sufficient signage to make the drive as easy as possible for first time visitors.  The McGowan Visitor Centre is located at the following coordinates (49° 4’15.85″N, 106°31’46.92″W). Another way to get to the East Block is by going through the West Block.  When the Ecotour route comes to an intersection and normally continues right, you can choose instead to continue straight which will lead you towards the East Block. Some of the land is still transitioning into parkland, so occasionally you will come across private land that has been leased to farmers for grazing cattle.  After crossing the river, you will reach an intersection that will take you either North or South – the southern route follows the Frenchman River Valley towards the US border, and heads East back up the steep hills onto the rim of the valley.  This is an incredible view of the beginning of the badlands and the massive valley.  Driving along the top of the rim will bring you to the outskirts of the park and you will find yourself at a T-intersection.  Turning West, the road will take you back into the park (West Block) allowing you to do a full loop if you would like.  Or turning East will take you to Mankota on dirt roads which is a short-cut route to the East Block. From Mankota you remain on Highway #18 and then head South down Highway 608 and follow the signs into the East Block.

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