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Hector Heritage Quay

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Hector Heritage Quay is home to an exact replica of the 1773 Ship Hector. The story goes this ship brought over the first new Canadians from Scotland to Nova Scotia, Canada. The voyage is said to have taken 11 weeks. Today, one can board the vessel and hear how Pictou, NS, Canada became the "Birthplace of New Scotland".

What are the Top Things To Do, Activities, and Adventures enjoyed at the Hector Heritage Quay?

Hector Heritage Quay adventures, and activities most enjoyed includes sightseeing, photography and walking tours.

Why Hector Heritage Quay?

Because it is one of the most popular heritage and cultural attractions in the region and, especially, in the community of Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada. Why not check out the inside of a 1774 tall ship. How cool would that be. 

What are the features, and amenities provided at the Hector Heritage Quay?

The more important, some would say only, features, amenities, services located in and around Hector Heritage Quay includes an interpretive centre, gift shop, information signs, guided tours, sightseeing benches, washrooms, picnic tables, internet and parking.

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Hector Heritage Quay
33 Caladh Ave

How To Get ToHector Heritage Quay

Travel down to the waterfront in Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada. Access Caladh Avenue and look for the big tall ship. It is not hard to miss.
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