Gaff Point Hiking Trail


Trail Length: 6.5 kilometres

Difficulty: Moderate
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Gaff Point Hiking Trail

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Gaff Point Hiking Trail is a 6.5 return kilometre hiking-only trail exploring Hirtle's Beach, forests of white spruce and the rocky outcroppings of Gaff Point. The 50 hectare (124 acre) parkland surrounding the trail is a Nature Conservancy of Canada protected area. The trail is one of the gems in Nova Scotia. Not well known, but worthy of any Nova Scotia trip.

The Gaff Point Hiking Trail provides some great sightseeing marine vantage points, visits some caves (if you can find them) and connects to Gaff Point and a whole family of inukshuks. Sand Cove is a surprise destination one can find on the trail only accessed from a detour trail. The actual cove is accessed by a climbing rope used for scaling the rock cliffs down into a private sandy beach area.

What are the Top Things To Do, Activities, and Adventures at the Gaff Point Hiking Trail?

Gaff Point Hiking Trail adventures, and activities most enjoyed include hiking, beachcombing, stormwatching, swimming, picnicking, sightseeing, wildlife watching, climbing, photography and birding (birdwatching).

Why Gaff Point Hiking Trail?

Because it is one of the best trails we explored in Nova Scotia. Hiking a 1.5 kilometre long beautiful white sandy beach to start any adventure just rocks! Add a 5 kilometre forested loop trail along a rocky coastline to Gaff Point, what is there not to like. Not to mention we found Sand Cove, had a picnic and built an Inukshuk at Gaff Point on a sunshine filled day. How sweet is that.

What are the features, and amenities at the Gaff Point Hiking Trail?

The more important, some would say only, features, amenities, services located in and around Gaff Point Hiking Trail includes parking, washrooms, picnic area, green space, and information signs.

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Gaff Point Hiking Trail
Hirtle Beach Road

How To Get ToGaff Point Hiking Trail

20 kilometre (24 minute) drive from Downtown Lunenburg to Gaff Point Hiking Trail.
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