Dark Harbour

Grand Manan Island

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Dark Harbour

Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, NB

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Dark Harbour is located on the western side of Grand Manan Island. The harbour is one of the few protected pebbles sandy beach coves easily accessed by vehicle (at low tide). One can explore the beach and in the distance one can see a isthmus (seawall ) with little shacks (summer camps) lining the shore.

What are the Things To Do, Activities, Adventures in Dark Harbour?

Dark Harbour adventures, and activities most enjoyed in the harbour includes sightseeing, fishing, beachcombing, hiking and birding (birdwatching). One can hike south along a natural seawall.

Why Dark Harbour?

The protected harbour is one of the most popular areas to go beachcombing (low tide only) and is very photogenic. The shore is often lined with dory boats and is famous for its "Dark Harbour Dulse". Dulse is an edible red seaweed harvested in Dark Harbour. It is said to be the best in the world.

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Dark Harbour
Dark Harbour Road
Grand Manan Island

How To Get ToDark Harbour

From the Grand Manan Island Ferry Terminal (North Head) travel Highway 776 south to Dock Road. Take a right onto Dock Road and continue south and take another right onto Dark Harbour Road. Follow it to the cove. It is about a 12.5 kilometre drive.
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