Nashwaaksis Stream Nature Park


Trail Length: 2.1 kilometres

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Boat Launch
Interpretive Signs

Nashwaaksis Stream Nature Park

Fredericton, New Brunswick, NB

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Nashwaaksis Stream Nature Park is a river/creek park home to many songbirds, waterfowl, and over 2 kilometres of walking trails exploring this unique eco system environment.

What are the Things To Do, Activities, Adventures in the Nashwaaksis Stream Nature Park?

Nashwaaksis Stream Nature Park adventures, and activities most enjoyed in the park includes birding (birdwatching), hiking, walking, sightseeing, and picnicking.

Why the Nashwaaksis Stream Nature Park?

The nature park is an easy access destination within the city limits to enjoy a natural environment, view wildlife and to access the North Riverfront Trail.

What are the highlights, amenities, services located in and around the Nashwaaksis Stream Nature Park?

A few of the more popular highlights, amenities and services located in and around the Nashwaaksis Stream Nature Park are the field house, viewing platforms, bridges, picnic area, information kiosks, sightseeing benches, sun shelter and a small boat launch.

Come to New Brunswick and explore Nashwaaksis Stream Nature Park


Nashwaaksis Stream Nature Park
Johnston Avenue

How To Get ToNashwaaksis Stream Nature Park

From downtown Fredericton take the Westmorland Street Bridge over the St. John River and take a left on Main Street. Continue on Main and take a left on Johnston Ave to the nature park.
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