Armours Beach

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Armours Beach

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Armours Beach is a popular beach close to the Village of Gibsons. The fine sand and pebbled rock beach destination enjoys a roped off area for swimming and a ton of marine scenery and activity as the beach is not far from the marina and wharf in the Gibsons Harbour.

Armours also provides a small wharf, a picnic area, a clubhouse and is home to the local populations "Polar Bear Swim" ... Brrrrr. The beach is easily accessible from the Gibsons Seawalk as it is located right on its path. After a day at the beach take a stroll on the Seawalk absorbing all the sights and sounds of the Gibsons shoreline.

Armours Beach, Gibsons, BC, Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada


Armours Beach

How To Get ToArmours Beach

The best access to the Seawalk is located at the Government Wharf flocated on the waterfront in the community of Giobsons, BC
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