Bluenose Mountain Trail

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Difficulty: Easy - Family
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Bluenose Mountain Trail is a recreation hiking trail in the backcountry wilderness mountains located near the community of Lumby, BC which is located east of the Okanagan Valley community of Vernon. The uphill loop trail navigates a series of switchbacks eventually leading hikers to two of the three peaks on the mountain overlooking the valley.

Vernon Photo Gallery - Bluenose Mountain TrailThe short hiking route is approximately 5 kilometres long and should take no longer than 2-3 hours to complete. The time needed to complete the trail depends allot on the group's fitness level and how much time is spent at the viewpoints. Always bring a good supply of water. Viewpoint peaks are good picnic spots too.

The trail is an easy grade trail with plenty of hill climbing requiring good foot wear. The hiking trail follows along an earthy, gravel path with exposed tree roots and rocks. Near the switchbacks leading up the mountain, please be aware of loose gravel and slippery conditions when hiking this section of the trail.

The elevation gain on this hike, from the trailhead, is 200 metres (650 feet). It is the elevation gain required to hike to the two of three mountain peaks, The centre peak is off limits as it is on private property. The highest point reached when hiking to the mountain peaks along the Bluenose Mountain Trail is 1240 metres.

From the parking lot, the hiking trail starts immediately uphill. Continue hiking up the trail to a clearing where the trail forks. Take a left and go to the third peak. Take a right and go to the first peak. The mountain peaks provide views of the valley below and of the communities of Lumby and Coldstream.


Bluenose Mountain Trail
Aberdeen Lake Road

How To Get ToBluenose Mountain Trail

Travel east on Highway #6 for 12 to Lumby, BC, Canada. Near Lavington, turn right on School Road to Learmouth Road. Turn left onto Learmouth Road and then right onto Aberdeen Lake Road. Aberdeen Lake Road is paved and then turns gravel. Continue on Aberdeen looking for a small directional road sign on your left leading to the Bluenose Mountain trailhead and a small gravel parking lot
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