Conkle Lake Provincial Park


Park Size: 587 hectare
Park Amenities:

Osoyoos, BC Conkle Lake Provincial Park is a popular remote wilderness recreation destination located in the backcountry forests, east of the British Columbia, Canada community. The 587 hectare park includes a 124 hectare lake, a waterfall hiking trail, a sandy beach and a campground.

The activities in the region and the amenities in the park tend to attract many day use and overnight visitors every year. Some visitors arrive to relax on the sandy beach, swim a few laps and camp out for a few days in the small campground.Conkle Lake Provincial Park Photos

While others arrive in the park to enjoy an active lifestyle like hiking to a waterfall, fishing on a lake or paddling a canoe or kayak. Outside the park boundaries, along the gravel forest service roads, mountain biking or dirt biking is the activity of choice. And, in the winter the same gravel roads become snowmobile routes.

East Creek empties into Conkle Lake from the south and Conkle Creek, on the north end of the lake, is the exit waterway. Fishing is a big activity on the lake. Many arrive for the rainbow trout. Trolling seems to get the best fishing results. Please make note the lake has a roof top boat launch only and electric motors are only permitted while boating on the lake.

The hiking trail in the park follows the shores of Conkle Lake. Along the route is a trail called Falls Trail that leads to a waterfall located outside of the park boundaries. The gravel and dirt waterfall trail explores a forest filled with mostly western larch, willow and black alder and lodgepole pine trees.

The first 2 kilometres of Falls Trail is maintained by the park. After that it is unmanaged. At this point, it is important to stay on the path for your own safety and for the continuing preservation of the park landscape. Be aware that the trail portion involves navigating around some loose rocks, tree roots and steep cliffs.

Wilderness and wildlife viewing in the park, in some seasons, is exceptional. Some of the wildlife in the park includes moose, elk, black bear and deer. Be aware that feeding wildlife is prohibited and leaving garbage out that attracts wildlife is just plain stupid.

Birdwatching on the lake, in the park, and along the trail is a popular activity. On occasion one can view such birds as the common loon, pileated woodpecker, ruby-crowned kinglet, common merganser, ruffed grouse and black-capped chickadee.

The campground in Conkle Lake Provincial Park includes a large sandy beach, pit toilets, picnic tables, fire pits and a day use parking lot.
Conkle Lake Provincial Park, Okanagan Valley, BC


Conkle Lake Provincial Park
Highway #33

How To Get ToConkle Lake Provincial Park

There are two entrance roads to the park. One is located 6 kilometres east of Bridesville on Hwy #3. The other is located just past the community of Westbridge on Hwy #33. Both are rough gravel forest service roads. The type of roads that can be rough on low clearance motorhomes and pull trailers.

From Hwy #3 it is 26 kilometres of gravel roads to the park entrance. From Hwy #33 it is 16 kilometres to the park. There are directional signs along the roads, some may be missing so keep alert.
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