Vaseux Lake Provincial Park

Okanagan Falls

Park Size: 12 hectares
Park Amenities:
Interpretive Centre
Wildlife Watching

Okanagan Falls Vaseux Lake Provincial Park is a camping, swimming, fishing, birding, canoeing and hiking destination for adventurers and wildlife viewers. The 12 hectare nature sanctuary is home to many species of wildlife - land, water and air. To help things along there is even an onsite wildlife centre providing information on the local wildlife and habitat.

The Vaseux Lake scenery and wildlife attracts artists and wildlife photographers from around the world. It also attracts fisherman, in non motorized boats, hoping to catch bass, rainbow trout or carp. And.. it attracts campers and kayakers who enjoy a good paddle.Okanagan Falls BC Photos

Campers stay at any of the 12 campsites in the park. The Vaseux Lake Provincial Park campground facilities include pit toilets, maintained sandy beach, running water, firewood and a wildlife centre.

The wildlife of the Vaseux Lake Park area is a big draw for many who stay in the area and for the many who come as part of a day trip. A set of binoculars is a big item on a trip to Vaseux Lake Park for spotting wildlife like Bighorn Sheep grazing in the surrounding cliffs and, any of the many, birds visiting the lake.

The main attraction for many is the bird watching opportunities in this park. There are opportunities to view Canyon Wrens, Burrowing Owls, Trumpeter Swans, Wood Ducks, Great Horned Owls, woodpeckers, Golden Eagles and Blue Winged Teals and Chukar Partridges.

The hiking trails in the park enable visitors to view toads, turtles, muskrats, beavers, rabbits, deer and even rattle snakes. During winter season the lake is a popular winter wonderland with skating on the frozen lake and ice fishing.
Vaseux Lake Provincial Park, Okanagan Falls, BC


Vaseux Lake Provincial Park
Highway #97
Okanagan Falls

How To Get ToVaseux Lake Provincial Park

Travel Hwy # 97 south of the community of Penticton to the entrance of the Vaseux Lake Provincial Park.
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