Grand Trunk Pathway


Trail Length: 3 km

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Dog Walking
Interpretive Signs

Grand Trunk Pathway in Terrace, British Columbia, Canada is a well landscaped paved connector walkway running parallel to Hwy 16. The walkway is 50 feet wide in most areas and is lit up at night for evening use. The trail is used for walking, jogging, dog walking, roller bladding and biking.

The Grand Trunk Pathway is lined with viewing benches, a gazebo (with fountain in summer months), Spirit Bears (large painted bear sculptures depicting the culture of BC, Canada), a memorial dedicated to loggers lost and a decommissioned railway car housing the Minature Train Association exhibits.

On the west-end of the pathway, one can continue a short distance to Fisherman's Park for some sightseeing of marine operators unloading their boats or to enjoy a picnic. Or, if one follows Eby Street north they will connect with the Heritage Walking Trail and the Howe Creek Trail.

The walkway is heavily used by all for recreation and as a transportation route to and from downtown. The pathway is literally, only, 1 block south of all the major Terrace commercial stores and retail shops.

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Grand Trunk Pathway
Eby Street

How To Get ToGrand Trunk Pathway

Follow Hwy 16 into the community of Terrace, BC, Canada towards Eby Street. You cannot miss it - just look alongside the hwy for the walking path and park.
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