Beatton Provincial Park

Fort St. John

Park Size: 312 hectare
Park Amenities:
Boat Launch
Wildlife Watching
Wind Surfing

Beatton Provincial Park is a year-round recreation destination resting on the shores of Charlie Lake located north of the community of Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada. The park is 1 of 2 parks located on the banks of Charlie Lake that entertain explorers in every season on, both, land and water. The other park located on the lake is the Charlie Lake Provincial Park.

The 312 hectare park is home to over 12 kilometres of wilderness trails attracting hikers in the summer and cross country skiers and snowshoers in the winter. The trail network is broken down in sections based on ability and fitness with some trails being suitable for beginners (no elevation gain) while others designated for advanced (elevation gain).

The trails all start from the same trailhead near the parking lot and day use area. During the summer the trails attract many to the park for hiking and wildlife viewing. The region is a popular area for moose, deer and elk. The trails are not as difficult to access for hikers as they are for xc skiers in the winter. The hills take on a whole new meaning when covered in snow and riding boards.

The 2 kilometre Beginner Trail is an easy grade loop route connecting to the Spruce and Willow Trails. The Spruce Trail is a 5 kilometre loop route with hills varying in difficulty. The route follows a wide trail and single track trail through stands of spruce and aspen trees. The Willow Trail is the other 5 kilometre loop route. This trail should be explored clockwise because of a significant hill on the route. In the winter xc skiers should make note of this hill on this route.

The trail network is very popular in the winter seasons attracting many to the region. A picnic shelter is set up next to the day use area stocked with fire wood so cross country skiers in the winter can warm up and huddle together for some good conversation. The shelter and fire is also a gathering spot for families arriving from toboggan hill located behind the trees next to the parking lot.

The day use area of the Beatton Provincial Park is located on the shores of Charlie Lake. There is a boat launch and beach with swimming area surrounded by a picnic shelter, tons of picnic tables, a baseball field, a playground, pit toilets and a large grassy field to play frisbee and catch. The parking lot is large and is able to accommodate many boat trailers. A telephone booth is located on the main road.

The double wide boat launch in the park near the day use area is a quick way to get access to Charlie Lake during the summer months for those who wish to catch some fish like walleye or northern pike. The winter does not stop the hearty from fishing either. Ice fishing on Charlie Lake is the other alternative to catching some dinner. Bring the Hot Liquids and a friend.

Explore Beatton Park in Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada



Beatton Provincial Park
244 Road
Fort St. John

How To Get ToBeatton Provincial Park

Travel north on Highway 97 from Fort St. John for 13 km. Keep your eye out for directional signs leading to the park posted on the highway to the 244 Road. Turn right onto the 244 road and continue following the signs for 15 minutes to the parking lot and park.
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