Old Growth Hiking Trail, Nelson


Trail Length: 2.5 kilometres

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Interpretive Signs

The trailhead to the Old Growth Trail is located after the Kokanee Creek Provincial Park and before the Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park. Not in the parks, but on the gravel access road ( Gibson Lake FSR) to and through the parks. Travel along the access road for 11.2 kilometres and look for a trailhead sign on your left. Park your vehicle a little further up the gravel road at the designated pull out parking area.

Kootenay Photo Gallery - Old Growth Hiking TrailWhen starting your hike stay left for the loop trail, if you go right it leads to a viewpoint of Kokanee Creek. The easy grade trail explores the creek habitat, an avalanche site and some old remains from logging and mining. It also connects to another trail on the east bank of the creek. 

The trail is well marked. The main trail is about 1.5 kilometres and as a loop trail it extends to 2.5 kilometres. It is mostly, an earthy path, covered in pine needles, with exposed tree roots and boulders. Sometimes, depending on the season, there may be deadfall trees on the path left behind from storms, and not yet cleared by forest crews. 

The hiking trail is lined with interpretive signs. There must be 17 of them located on the trail explaining the surrounding eco systems and wildlife.

Old Growth Trail, Nelson, British Columbia, Canada


Old Growth Hiking Trail, Nelson
Kokanee Glacier Road

How To Get ToOld Growth Hiking Trail, Nelson

Travel to the community of Nelson, BC. Once in Nelson continue traveling 19 kilometres northeast on Highway #3a towards Kokanee Creek Park and Kokanee Glacier Road (Gibson Lake Rd). Continue on the gravel, sometimes rough, Kokanee Glacier Road for 11.2 kilometres the trailhead and a parking lot.
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