Gorman Lake Trail


Trail Length: 3-4 kilometres

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Wilderness Camp

Gorman Lake Trail is an alpine lake and hiking trail in the backcountry mountains situated north of the community of Golden, BC in the Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada. The lake destination is part of the Dogtooth Range of the Columbia Mountains.

Gorman Lake Trail is a moderate, rough, uphill hike following Gorman Creek to the slides, slopes, meadows and crags surrounding Gorman Lake. The 3-4 kilometre trail follows a dirt path, navigating around over exposed tree roots, deadfall and loose rocks while exploring through alpine forests enjoying views of alpine meadows and rock glaciers.

Gorman Lake is a popular summer destination for hiking, fishing, camping and rock climbing. Some hikers and fisherman arrive for the day while others backpack in and stay the night at a wilderness campsite. At the lake are some picnic tables, tent pads and a pit toilet. It is a pack in and pack out - leave no trace destination.

The hiking trail is marked with signs and above the tree line the trail is marked with rock piles. From Gorman Lake there are other trails leading further into the mountains. These trails should only be enjoyed by experienced hikers with proper navigation and hiking equipment.

Be aware the trail is in the alpine mountains. Snow and wet conditions limit the access to the trail most months. However, in the winter months the region is still very popular for snowmobilers. There are over 32 kilometres of snowmobiling routes in the region.

Gorman Trail explores a river, alpine meadows and mountain ranges. It is also home to wildlife like bears, cougars and wolves. And.. sometimes, with a set of good binoculars one can see mountain goats climbing the cliffs high above Gorman Lake.

Fishing on Gorman Lake is, both, enjoyed from the shore and on the lake for those who hike in a floatation device. The lake is home to rainbow trout. And reports show a fly or spinner work best when fishing on this lake.
Gorman Lake Trail, Golden, BC, Canada in the Kootenays


Gorman Lake Trail
Kicking Horse Drive

How To Get ToGorman Lake Trail

When in Golden travel to the shores of the Columbia River and follow Kicking Horse Drive to Golf Course Road. Continue on Golf Course Road for 12 kilometres to a fork in the road. Turn left and travel for 4 kilometres on a rough and gravel road to the parking lot and trailhead.
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