Influencer Programs in Canada - Do's and Don'ts

Influencer Programs in Canada - Do's and Don'ts

What to Watch for in Storytellers of Communities when Content Marketing

Award winning small town travel platform and training program is putting influencers on the search engine map

Influencer programs in Canada helps brands, people, groups, businesses and small communities compete at an urban level on search engines and social media. But it needs to be done, with long term results in mind. At least one would think so, right? However, there are some speed bumps. 

Travel Influencer of Canada
Adventure Influencers in Canada

Influencer Programs in Canada. What it means?

Below we look at the many positives of selecting an effective influencers and, yes, we look at the dark side of influencers too. We try to break down what to look for and what to guard against... and what to question? Understand this. Most influencers only want to cater to big business and corporations. Many only try hard on big accounts. Very few care, and fewer are trained in small town content marketing techniques. There is a difference.

Adventure Travel Influencers in Canada

Influencer Industry

There are 600 million blogs online. 7 million blog stories are published online per day. 3.7 million videos are uploaded per day. 300 million photos get posted per day. Less than 2% get read. It is a jungle of information to wade through on the internet. Therefore, it is vital that content created by influencers resonates on multiple formats therefore increasing the chances of it being read. However, once they find your content, you have 37 seconds to get their attention. So selecting a Canadian influencer is important.

Fake Influencers

Influencer programs in Canada vary in many ways. Bottom line there are those who perform and there are those who do not. It is the do nots, you need to be aware of. They come in many disguises. Some buy fake followers. Some have followers who do not engage with content. Others just don't care. The influencers you need to watch out for are the "social is cool", the "one shot wonder", the "all talk no action", and "now you see me, now you don't" influencers. 

(1) Social is Cool
Many influencers are all about self interest, and have little concern for the client. Post it on social and they wipe their hands clean. Thank you very much, see ya. Try and look for influencer programs which provide your content a long life online by using search engine visibility, multiple social platforms and a website.

(2) One Shot Wonder
Canadian influencers who post content on one social media platform, and they are done. And the platform of choice is usually a social media channel like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

(3) All Talk No Action
These types of influencers are all over, in every corner of the internet. They have fancy website pages. They talk a good game. Their blog stories look professional. And they have a lot of followers. What happens if many are fake bought followers? Because yes, you can buy followers. But then you end up with low engagement rates. So what's the point. 

(4) Now You See Me. Now You Don't - Social media influencers with little social technique and low quality and engagement rates on their social media channel. Now you see your post, now you don't. Bye Bye.

The Real Deal Influencer

When hiring a Canadian influencer in Canada, you want your brand to get some legs. How do you do that? The best way to extend the life of your content, is to use influencers who use multiple platforms and write information articles using proven search engine optimization techniques. Influencers which specialize in search engines and have well marketed websites/blogs and social media are far more effective than ones with just social media. The influencers who offer the "full meal deal" of marketing is often the "real deal".

Search Engine Influencers in Canada

Best influencer by a long shot! These influencers, create stories about your brand using proven techniques so your story positions on the first page of multiple search engines. Properly done, your content could have a shelf life of 2 -3 years or more on multiple search engines. The Canada Adventure Seeker Influencer Program is one of those award winning programs.

Website Influencers

Website influencers are the least known of all the influencers because very few influencers have industry sites to work with.  These influencers build content, which becomes part of an industry website which targets your audience. Your content is there for life in many cases. This ensures your content will have eyes on it for a very long time. For example, your content becomes part of a travel website accessed by travellers to help them plan adventures. 

"The Canada Adventure Seeker Influencer Program is one of those special programs. Your content takes on a life of its own as it becomes part of the planning process for travellers researching and booking on an award-winning Canada travel and adventure website online"

by Greg Girard - Co Bro Founder EH Canada Marketing Group

Social Media Influencers

This is the golden nugget of influencing to some, or maybe we should call it "fools gold".  There are so many social media influencers who bank on social media and social only. Unless you are a celebrity, with followers living on your every word, engagement may not reap the results you want. Therefore scrolling feeds and low engagement rates can make life for your content very short.   

The Best Influencer Programs in Canada

In conclusion, get the most "bang for your buck" seek out influencers who position your community content on the first page of search engines, extend the life of your content by adding it as part of a proven website, and, yes, distribute your content via social media channels with high engagement rates.

"The "Experience Community Program" levels the tourism marketing and promotion playing field between small and urban centres."

by Amber Papou - CEO Keystone Strategies Inc

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EH Canada Marketing Group on Thursday, 15 December 2022 18:39

Kelly Francois Thank you.

Kelly Francois Thank you.
Diana Mohrsen on Friday, 16 December 2022 02:38

The idea of Storytellers of Communities is a fairly new concept for me. Your article points out the advantage of having local people trained in small town content marketing techniques.

The idea of Storytellers of Communities is a fairly new concept for me. Your article points out the advantage of having local people trained in small town content marketing techniques.
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