Coal Mine Trail in Jasper National Park


Trail Length: 900m

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Dog Walking
Wheelchair Access

An Easy Hike in the Miette Hot Springs Area in Jasper Alberta Canada

A Walk Back in Time to Experience Jasper's History

Hiking the Coal Mine Trail in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada is an accessible and easy option. The trailhead is in a parking lot across from the Miette Mountain Cabins on the road that leads up to the Miette Hot Springs. The trail leads adventure seekers through an alpine forest and meadow past ruins left from an old mining operation.

Coal Mine Trail in Jasper National Park Description

At only 900m in length, the Coal Mine Trail is a short loop in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. There is little elevation gain. The Coal Mine Trail is paved and has a picnic area and plenty of benches to rest at along the way. This opens up the accessibility of the trail so more people can experience the wilderness and Jasper's history.

The Mine Loop is also referred to as the Lower Loop as there is a secondary trail that leads uphill to Punchbowl Falls. The Upper Trail as it is called is also 1km long. There is no longer any signage along the route.

Coal Mine Trail Summary

Distance - 1 km
Route Type - Loop
Elevation Gain - Minimal and basically flat
Difficulty - Easy
Time Needed - 20 minutes.
Trail Surface - paved pathway
Trailhead - Parking Lot across Miette Road from the Miette Cabins
Dogs - Allowed and must be on leash.
Permitted uses - Hiking, running.
Trail Signage - Minimal
Interpretive Signage - None

Coal Mine Trail Notes

To ensure that you stay on the lower trail take the path to the right when you reach the T-intersection. This will lead you along the Coal Mine Trail and decrease the risk of taking the upper trail by mistake. From this direction, the upper trail is easy to spot and to avoid if you are looking to keep the hike easy.

History of the Coal Mine Trail

The Coal Mine is on the former Townsite of Pocahontas, Alberta. This was a town built in 1908 to service the mining operations of the area. At its peak there were 2,000 residents living here. The mine was shut down in 1921 due to a drop in market prices and the coal being of poor quality. Since 1930 and the passing of the National Parks Act, mining is no longer permitted in any of Canada's National Parks. Since the closure of the mine the forest has reclaimed all that is left of the former townsite and its mine.

The Town of Pocahontas was named after a coal mining town in Virginia with the same name. The town in Virginia was named after Pocahontas, the person. The nearby cabins and nearby campground were also called Pocahontas until 2022 when they were both re-named the Miette Mountain Cabins and the Miette Campground. The new name was adopted out of respect for the historical and cultural significance of the area. The renaming process was done in collaboration with First Nations communities.

Other Nearby Attractions for After the Hike

After the hike, there are plenty of other things to see and do nearby.

Punchbowl Falls - Just a short drive up the Miette Road (before the road closure point in the winter) is a pullout for Punchbowl Falls. It is just a few meters from the parking area to the top of the falls.

Miette Hot Springs - Is open from May until after the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend in October. The Miette Hot Springs are the hottest ones in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Jasper House National Site - A short walk leads to the Jasper House National Historic Site, which was an important stopping point for fur traders, adventurers, voyageurs, and for other people passing through the area.

Overlander Mountain Lodge & Stone Peak Restaurant - Overlander Mountain Lodge is an authentic log building and is home to Stone Peak Restaurant. The restaurant has one of the best patios in Alberta and has sweeping views of the Athabasca Valley in Jasper National Park

Folding Mountain Brewery - Located just outside of the park gates, Folding Mountain is in a location known as Jasper East. Folding Mountain Brewery has a restaurant and serves its own locally made craft beers. It also has a fantastic patio.

Hiking the Coal Mine Trail in Jasper National Park

Hiking the Coal Mine Trail in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada is a short and easy. Leading past old coal mining operations in an alpine forest and meadows makes for a pleasant walk in the Miette region of Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada.

An Easy Hike in the Miette Hot Springs Area in Jasper Alberta Canada

A Walk Back in Time to Experience Jasper's History


Coal Mine Trail in Jasper National Park
Highway 16 East, Jasper, AB T0E 1E0

How To Get ToCoal Mine Trail in Jasper National Park

From the Town of Jasper, head East on Highway 16 (Yellowhead Highway) for 43km (31 minutes) until you reach the Miette Mountain Cabins. The parking lot and trailhead are across from the cabins on Miette Road.
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